Pastors’ Training Trust Fund is a unique Christian Scholarship awarding organization that emerged at a time when Churches were shying away from one of their primary responsibilities – human development.

Pastors’ Training Trust Fund was not in any way modeled on any existing approach aimed at addressing difficulties encountered by seminarians in the course of their studies which oftentimes are Church based. But rather the policy and focus is Church of Christ. That is to say, it is meant to complement the efforts of the Churches. It is a non-denominational ministry and national in outlook.

It is also the first of its kind on this part of world.

Our Vision & Mission

PTTF is a fund set up by a group of dedicated Christians who are burdened by the dearth of divinely called, trained and qualified Pastors to cater for the spiritual needs of believers and the nation but are challenged by lack of funds to attain the training.

PTTF is out to undertake the function of facilitating TRAINING THE SAINTS FOR DIVINE SERVICE, so that they may be fully equipped for the task. The training has no geographical boundary but the emphasis is on Nigeria and Africa.